It is important that we eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and run in the proper running shoes. Although we emphasize injury prevention through stretching, hydration and nutrition, injuries can still occur. When they do, please remember to let your coaches know immediately, and to always remember “R.I.C.E.”

Things you can do to treat your injuries:

  1. Rest: Take some time off from running to rest and heal.
  1. Ice: Apply ice to injured area for no more than 20 minutes at a time.
  1. Compression: Snuggly wrap injured area with elastic bandage.
  1. Elevation: Raise injured area above heart. Great for reducing swelling.

Post-run recovery

  1. Chocolate milk: Quick and effective carbohydrate and protein mix.                                        

Replenishes glycogen (sugar) in the muscles and starts the process of protein synthesis (muscle rebuilding).

  1. Epsom salt bath/ magnesium sulfate: Great for sore muscles, eases pain and relieves inflammation.
  1. Foam roller: Massage or roll affected area to increase blood flow and relieve tension.

Thank you,

TVTM Coach

Kimani A. Upshur, M.Ed.,